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  • Lee Stohr Cars - http://www.stohr.com
    • Carbon fiber rear wing. The chord is 8.75 inches. Lengths up to 63 inches. Thickness 1.3 inches. Can be mounted on the ends or inboard with brackets.


  • Omni Fab - http://www.omnifab.net/dsr.htm , 408-492-1331, contact Bruce Sunseri.
    • "Bruce has sold the Cheetah wing to individuals wanting one for their non-Cheetah car. ~64" wide. All aluminum construction. Center mount via two brackets." Tom Clayton


  • Pennon - http://www.pennon.com/
    • "They make great wings AND can assist you with which application or type of wing is right you and your car ... John Goss is who you would want to talk to." Geoff
    • "Re:Pennon. I requested them to make carbon wings from some x&y coordinates I have for airfoils. There were three unique foils of 18" 14" and 7" chord lengths. The overall quote for CNC moulds and 5 foils made that would not have shiny carbon surfaces, but rather rough painable surfaces was $10,500." Oppenheimer


  • Prince Race Car Engineering, 815-625-8116, contact Pat Prince
    • "I just received a wing from Pat Prince for my Van Diemen conversion. It is an aluminum construction and is 65" wide. Turn around was good and the quality looks great." Mike Devins




























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