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Throttle Cable

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Throttle Cable


  • "I had good luck with an extra heavy duty Shimano Mountain Bike Shifting cable with a nylon lined sheath. Pretty cheap and was reliable for me." Scott Chesser


  • "Go to a good bicycle shop and buy bulk by the foot. They sell it in several sizes and colors and have all the cable ends to make it up for you. Make sure and try to get cable with an inner liner as your run will be long and you need inner liner to make less friction." Rex Urban


  • "Go to a motorcycle shop and get 1.5mm throttle cable, and 2mm teflon lined cable housing. This will provide plenty of slipperiness. This has worked fine for many years with no problems. If you know what type of ends you need and the lengths, a good shop can provide you with the ready made setups." Ted Arken. "Local motorcycle shops usually have a selection of ends for the carb end. I have a 1/4" bolt with a small hole in it on the gas pedal with a pinch nut to hold that end."


  • "If you have the length you need for the cable and the sheathing and the size ball ends you need, Barnett Clutches makes cables to your specs and they aren't any more expensive than if you were buying a stock one." Rodney


  • "I have used a Tandem bicycle brake cable for the throttle cable. The Tandem is about the longest bike cable available and it is plenty strong enough.

    The barrel end may have to be filed down a bit to fit the throttle mechanism depending on your engine.

    I have used some of the cable clamps that the kart racers use for the pedal end" Craig Farr


  • "Most of the motorcycle 'barrels' are silver soldered onto the cable. I've removed them in the past and changed to the size I needed. Hope that tidbit helps." Hasty Hor


  • "For years I had rolls of materials to make cables in my shop. About 10 years ago I stopped "rolling my own" and bought cables from Control Cables, Inc (562 949 0455). Since that first purchase I have yet to fail a cable on my cars or those of my customers (disclaimer here: I use a pedal stop and check the adjustment religiously). They built custom throttle and clutch cables for my GSXR, for ZX12's and replacements for many crappy English formula chassis at very fair prices. This one place where spending the time and money to do it right was definitely worth it." Bill Gendro


  • "I've had good luck with some of the local independant motorcycle shops. Particularly the Harley shops that do some customizing. Many of them have a selection of fittings and barrels that can be made to work for our use. Bill is right, you must have a throttle stop. Thx," Dave


  • "California Push Pull (http://www.push-pull.com/) made exact copies of my cable for a reasonable price of something like $40 per cable." Bill Crowley
































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