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General Suppliers



Sway Bar Blade Adjusters

  • High Performance Vehicle Engineering - (610) 515-0550 Easton, PA.
    • They've done a number of them for different applications. FC/FF, S2's, trikes, etc.



  • PDG Racing - (512) 263-9792, Michael Alexander, pdgracing@aol.com
    • We have a blade type anti-roll bar, and can fabricate one to your specs.


  • Phoenix Race Cars, Inc. - http://www.phoenixracecars.com/
    • "We have a T-bar unit with a blade at the top and I had many made. The T-bar units come with different sized bars and you use the same blade. Ours start at a 7/16 bar and go up to 3/4". The blade is 6" long." Matt Conrad






  • Luxon Engineering - http://www.luxonengineering.com/
    • Optimized Stohr WF1/F1000 Uprights - 225% stiffer and 40% lighter than stock, one piece design means no brackets to come loose





 Information / Education

























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