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How To

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How To


Convert an Automotive Powered Formula or Sports Racer to Motorcycle Power


Submitted by Kevin Mitz of RennWerks

"Average [motorcycle engine] car kits range form $1,500 to $3k,

wire harness $400,

oil pan or dry sump,

$500 to $2500 High presure fuel pump for EFI $150,

Fuel reg $150,

Exhaust $300 to $1000,

Oil lines, fuel lines another $400 or so.

Engine mounts, frame mod $500 to 3K,

Chain $150,

Diff $2K to 3K,

Sprokets $500 for a set.

Throttle cable $15 to $60.

Shift cable $100 or some other system $1500.

Now you can cut costs by using old parts and stuff and have friendshelp but this is a good start on costs."











































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