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CSR Atlantic Conversions

  • Randy Cook says, "In 1980 I built one of the first, if not the first, of this newly allowed variation of CSR. Mine was a poorly conceived effort (as were many copy cat attempts of the time) but eventually effective, ground effects re-bodying of a Brabham BT-18/21 with Lotus Twin Cam power.


    The development of ground effects in CSR was brought to a halt by Chuck Billington's sheparding through the Comp Board of the "45% Flat Bottom" rule. Disappointed as I was with this new rule, my naively ineffective politicking failed to change it. I had to rebuild the car that was fabulousy described as "look(ing) like a UFO" into a flat bottomed machine. Eventually, this flat bottom car defeated the (National Champion) Tracer Twins pretty regularly. (e.g. PCRRC 1985 and 1986) When Jacek Mucha re-interpretted the flat bottom rule and argued it successfully, there had been numerous prior examples of Atlantic conversions."




























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