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Welcome to the Sports Racer Network's Locator!



  • Use these pages to find parts, materials, and services related to the design, building, maintaining, and racing of Sports Racers.


  • This is an interactive collaborative site! If you have additional information, then please add it. Also, if you find that links or information is out of date, then please either correct it or notify me racer_tom@yahoo.com.


  • Don't be afraid to click the Log In to Edit button, either above or below, to make changes. It won't bite. If you don't have the password, then ask me via email at racer_tom@yahoo.com.



Help this list grow and become even more useful


  • Add information directly without webmaster intervention. Just click the Log In to Edit button, either above or below any page, to make changes. If you don't already know the password, then simply request it via email racer_tom@yahoo.com .


  • You can sellect Preview, after making edits to verify that what you've typed looks the way you want it to.


  • If you're not sure about styles (using bold, italics, tables, and more), then either check out the wiki style page or just leave the raw information and I'll fancy it up later if needed.


  • If you want to try thing out without "messing up" any existing pages, you can first play in the SandBox.


  • A page with a link that is a dashed underline (such as NewPage) means the page doesn't exist yet. It's just a placeholder for needed information.



Hints on adding information


  • Create an external web link


  • Create "internal" links to other pages within this wiki Locator
    • Put [brackets] around the page name, such as Brakes. If you do this for a Locator page that doesn't exist yet, a new blank page is created.


  • Add a photo (2 ways) as seen on the Oil System page
    • Link to a photo available on the web already. Simply type or paste its address within brackets. For example, type [http://sports.racer.net/images/car.gif] to get .
    • Upload a photo from your computer. See these simple instructions.


  • Upload a file
    • Click on the Files button, then upload a file from your computer.





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